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Flint Star
Jon Connor
Everybody Hates Connor (2007) Sold Out!
The Calling Pt. 2 (Avie Squad Records 2009) Sold Out!
Detroit Comedy Film
Flint Star Digitally Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition (2015)
NFL Players Association Former Defensive Lineman/ Aspiring Film Producer Damian Gregory
Former NFL Defensive Lineman Damian Gregory participates in a NFL Players Association community outreach program in Detroit, Michigan during the holiday season.  Damian Gregory/B.T.P. Inc will begin shooting the American Football Documentary Film "Life In The League" in the spring of 2010. 

Big Thangs Productions Inc.

*Home of Flint Star "The Motion Picture".
Uncut Street Version DVD Sold Out!
Thousands of Independent DVD Units Moved Worldwide!

*Original home of Jon Connor & Avie Squad Records.
Jon Connor "The Calling Album" Vol.1 Sold Out!

"Everybody Hates Connor" National Mixtape
CD Sold Out!

"The Calling Album" Vol. 2 Sold Out!

*Upcoming Docs, Feature Films, and Dvds (2015 - 2025)
Coming Soon! "Life In The League" The NFL Doc.
Coming Soon! "Money In The Ghetto" The Detroit Comedy Film
Coming Soon! "Burning Bridges" The Benton Harbor, Michigan Economic Story
Coming Soon! "Wealthy Life" The Grand Rapids, Michigan Underworld Story
Coming Soon! "After The Love is Gone" The Study of Marriage and Commitment

We Are Clearly The Future of The Film Industry!

"LIFE IN THE LEAGUE"  The American Football Documentary Film Coming Soon!

Life in the League will be another cutting edge view of the world of professional sports from B.T.P. Inc.  This film will be a great improvement from the highly acclaimed Flint Star "The Motion Picture" which has gained over 10 years of continuous press from 2002-2012.  This film will look at some of the aspects of NFL life from off the field issues, pressures of financial success, escaping poor environments, steroids, gay athletes and the stigma they face, young millionaires being a target for robbery and violence, racism and the unity of sports, and the highs and lows of the NFL experience.  This film will be created with former NFL Defensive Lineman Damian Gregory.  As always, B.T.P. Inc. will give you a perspective that you cannot receive from Fox Sports, NFL Network,  ESPN, ABC, CBS, or NBC.  This film will have a well rounded group of former, current, and future NFL athletes from across the nation.  Most importantly, "Life in the League" will showcase athletes from all races, age groups, cultures, and religions. 

Big Thangs Inc. The future of the film industry!

P.O. BOX 14824
Detroit, MI. 48214

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