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Money In The Ghetto "The Detroit Comedy Story"  

Money In The Ghetto is a realistic comedy that tackles many pressing inner-city issues. This film deals with Detroit's notorious drug trade and the daily consequences of greed, money mismanagement, and moral destruction within the urban community. This film also deals with the desire for youth to live the American Dream while learning the importance of hard work and delayed gratification. Money In The Ghetto is the first film of it's kind to deal with such important and relevant social issues while putting an unforgettable comedic spin on urban reality. This film will be a cult classic that will live in the hearts of film fans for decades.

Money In The Ghetto is a cutting edge film created by Big Thangs Productions Inc. and lifelong Detroit natives A.R. Barnes and D. Peeples. The film takes a look into the current economic, social, and political conditions in the city of Detroit. Regardless of the title, this film is a positive and realistic reflection of the city of Detroit.

Money In The Ghetto is a cutting edge urban comedy based out of the rugged streets of Detroit, Michigan. This film follows the adventurous summer vacation of a struggling Michigan State University student who returns back home to Detroit during summer vacation. The lead character Anthony "Tone" Barnes is a 7th year Business student who has dreams of becoming a sports agent and creating his own sports marketing firm. He is in a long term relationship with a fellow college student from a more affluent economic and social background. Anthony "Tone' Barnes finds it difficult to live up to his girlfriend's materialistic standards. To make matters worse, he is in constant competition with her former boyfriend and current "best friend", who is also from a very privileged economic upbringing.

While back home in Detroit, Anthony "Tone" Barnes witnesses all of the material gains that his extended family and friends are receiving through street hustles. He becomes tempted by his desire to earn fast money and the need to feel financially successful. His temptations lead to a summer full of adventures, madness, and non stop comedy.

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