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Flint Star
Jon Connor
Everybody Hates Connor (2007) Sold Out!
The Calling Pt. 2 (Avie Squad Records 2009) Sold Out!
Detroit Comedy Film
Flint Star Digitally Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition (2015)
The Calling Pt. 2 (2008 Avie Squad Records Street Release 12-16-08)/ (2009 WorldWide Internet Release 1-1-09) 
Flint Star "The Motion Picture". The total movie score was done by then 18 year old rapper/ producer named Duce-0 (aka) Jon Connor. By the age of 20, Jon Connor created his first independent solo album "The calling Pt. 1, The Prequel" (Officially Sold Out 5/20/06). In 2007 Jon Connor released his 1st National Mixtape "Everybody Hates Connor" (Officially Sold Out 12/31/07). On December 16, 2008 Jon Connor released the Street Version of "The Calling Part 2: The Second Coming" in his hometown of Flint, Michigan. On January 1, 2009 Jon Connor released the WorldWide Internet Version of "The Calling PT 2: The Second Coming" for the entire planet. Jon Connor has moved thousands of independent units throughout his music career.

Jon Connor has been compared to many of the industry's greats such as Jay Z, Nas, and Kanye West. However, this young artist has continued to create his own musical legacy with his 3rd national release. The Calling Part 2 is Jon Connor's most creative and soulful release to date. This album features the inspirational single "Forever" which was inspired by current global events such as Barack Obama's political journey, the War in Iraq, and the current economic recession of our nation. This CD also features "High Times", "Make Em Say", "Breathe", "The Life", "Love Ballad", and the soul sizzling "I Need Your Lovin". Jon Connor explores and exposes his deep personal perspective on the daily obstacles of an up and coming artist in an economically shrinking music business with the songs "Love Me" and "Fame". This release also features a lesson in faith and dedication with the single "It's Gonna Come". The harsh conditions of Flint, Michigan are featured in the songs "The City" and "Beautiful City". Jon Connor is truly a developing force in the music business.

The latest FBI statistics ranks Flint, Michigan as one of the most dangerous places to live. However, Avie Squad records and Jon Connor represent the positive struggle for a better life and the escape from a life sentence of poverty, drugs, and murder. This young artist has become the voice of the city of Flint and the state of Michigan. He continues to provide hope and pride for future generations of artists, scholars, and entrepreneurs.

All Avie Squad/ Big Thangs Productions Inc. Mixtapes Are For Promotional Use Only!!

The $9.99.charge will cover the cost of the shipping & handling/ artwork/ and delivery confirmation receipts. None of the $9.99 is charged for the actual music on mixtapes. Jon Connor/ Avie Squad Records & Big Thangs Productions Inc. have donated thousands of promotional cd's to continue our growing street, corporate, and internet notoriety. Thank you in advance for your interest in all of our original/ uncut/ and promotional products.

In conclusion, please enjoy his refreshing brand of music. Jon Connor strives to return intellectual, creative, and meaningful music back to the world of Hip Hop. His goal is to one day be mentioned in the same breath as Hip Hop musical greats Notorious B.I.G. and 2 Pac. Jon Connor has created 100 plus videos on YouTube of exclusive music, performances, classics, and interviews. Please feel free to search for Jon Connor or Avie Squad Records on YouTube, Myspace, and Google.
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