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Flint Star
Jon Connor
Everybody Hates Connor (2007) Sold Out!
The Calling Pt. 2 (Avie Squad Records 2009) Sold Out!
Detroit Comedy Film
Flint Star Digitally Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition (2015)
Flint Star Uncut Street DVD Release Sold Out!

Flint Star "The Motion Picture" was featured in nationally published hip hop magazine Murder Dog. Murder Dog magazine stated: "Pressure makes diamonds, and in the case of the depression that exists in Flint, MI, that pressure creates some of the nation's greatest basketball players". The magazine review goes on to state: " In one of the best independent street films of 2006, director Marcus G. Davenport decided to capture the triumph and tragedy of a forgotten city that seems to be the breeding ground for the most intense ball players in the U.S.A." Murder Dog Magazine DVD Reviews Volume 13, Number 3. Game Cover Issue.

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