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Flint Star
Jon Connor
Everybody Hates Connor (2007) Sold Out!
The Calling Pt. 2 (Avie Squad Records 2009) Sold Out!
Detroit Comedy Film
Flint Star Digitally Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition (2015)
Everybody Hates Connor "Sold Out" 12/31/07 

Recently, Jon Connor (now 21 years old) has released his 1st National Mixtape "Everybody Hates Connor".  This rapper/ ghost writer/ song creator/ music producer is clearly the future of hip hop and the entire music industry.  The mixtape features the new Flint, MI. anthem "Fly City", the lyrical marathon "6 Minutes".  "6 Minutes" is a 6 minute rap explosion, no breaks, no hooks, just 6 minutes of razor sharp lyrics and endless flow.  The mixtape also features the lyrical wet dream "For You", which is a creative masterpiece describing Connor's most intimate fantasies with the industry's most beautiful women.  Lastly, the mixtape contains the awesome hip hop tribute "The Rap Dynasty".  The Rap Dynasty reviews the rise and fall of hip hop's ultimate labels such as Death Row Records, No Limit Records, and Roc-A-Fella Records.

"Everybody Hates Connor" features unsigned artists Link & Mali, DJ Hype, Diz, Cass Swift, David the Dude, and Godamus Rhyme.  The mixtape contains productions from underground heat makers Optiks, K.Wills, E. Rude, Jason Monk, and Jon Connor on 27 hip hop tracks. 

The latest FBI statistics ranks Flint, Michigan as the 3rd most dangerous place to live in the nation behind St. Louis and Detroit.  However, Avie Squad records and Jon Connor represent the positive struggle for a better life and the escape from a life sentence of poverty, drugs, and murder.  This 21 year old artist has become the voice of the city of Flint and the state of Michigan.  He continues to provide hope and pride for future generations of artists, scholars, and entrepreneurs.

Do not be afraid!  Join the rap industry rebellion of Avie Squad Records.  Jon Connor strives to return intellectual, creative, and meaningful music back to the world of Hip Hop.  

Big Thangs Inc. The future of the film industry!

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